Fundraising is Hard

We work with Pre-Seed to Series A Startups & Emerging Private Equity Fund Managers to raise capital, and make the fundraising process simple.

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Fundraising is often the limiting factor for every startup and emerging fund. We have hundreds of investors that are subscribed to our deals, ensuring you meet with the right investor for your deal.

Deal Sourcing

The quality of your fund equals the quality of your deals. Leverage our platform and find more companies that suit your strategy, and aren’t on everybody’s radar.

Investor Engagement

Don’t let investors slip through the cracks. Our engagement platform offers a state of the art CRM, LinkedIn content creation, newsletters, and social media management to keep investors warm and in the loop.

Deck Feedback

Our team of trained specialists will review your pitch deck and give tailored feedback to help position you in front of investors.

Capital Raising Strategy

We will work with your team to create the best strategy to structure your capital raise to position you appropriately in the market.

Data Room Review

A data room is a central component to closing capital. Our team will review & audit your data room to ensure you have what you need to start engaging with investors.

Our Mission

To Create a world where capital is never the limiting factor for value creation. Our team of 15+ is dedicated to helping source investors and build strategies for our clients to help them get funded.




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“We have a proven track record of success in various industries, and experience working with hundreds of clients. We’re looking forward to helping you!”

Zain Yaqub

Founder, ThinkFish

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